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Ray Jack

Navajo Indian White Buffalo Turquoise Inlay Sterling Silver Mens Ring Size 10.75

$188.00 USD

Navajo Indian White Buffalo Turquoise Inlay Oval Ring Size 10.75 ~ Made by Artisan Ray Jack

Ray Jack, has created a lovely and unusual oval shaped ring of White Buffalo Turquoise inlay and sterling silver. He has beautiful White Buffalo Turquoise inlay set into a lovely sterling silver mounting. There is some stunning black matrix in the stone that really enhances the ring.

Ray has scored the edges surrounding the White Buffalo Turquoise inlay as well as much of the band. Really stunning. The top of the oval shaped ring measures approximately 20mm x 15mm. Quite impressive. Sure to be a treasured part of your collection. This is not your every day run-of-the-mill ring!

This is a size 10.75 ring. Please ignore the reflections in the sterling silver. It is all shiny and way too reflective.

Total weight Approx. 12 Grams

White Buffalo Turquoise is quite unique and rare. It was discovered in the Dry Creek Mine north of Austin Nevada in 1993. Because of its hardness, it was sent to be assayed and it was in fact White Turquoise. The chemical name for Turquoise is Aluma Phosphate which in its pure chemical state is white. Turquoise takes on color via an intrusion of either copper (blue color) or iron (green color). To date, no other vein of gem quality white turquoise has been discovered anywhere else in the world. Because White Turquoise is as rare as a white buffalo, the Indians call it "White Buffalo" Turquoise. The White Buffalo Turquoise is itself considered sacred and powerful. The jewelry-making is an honoring or tribute to the "White Buffalo" Turquoise.

Ray has his usual hallmark of 'RJ' and 'sterling' on the inside of the ring (hard to see). Very impressive.

This is an authentic Native American Indian handmade ring. The metal is sterling silver and the stone is natural.