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Rolex Quartz Watch

July 15 2017

Not many people know that Rolex made a DateJust OysterQuartz watch from 1977-2002. 

Rolex Oysterquartz History & Interesting Facts:

Rolex was initially reluctant to enter the quartz watch market, but when they released the Rolex Quartz Date (Ref. 5100) in 1970, it was a huge success. The watch was so popular that the first inventory sold out almost immediately. Consumers loved the modern feel of the piece—its angular-shaped case and new sapphire crystal. Unfortunately, the excitement wore off fairly quickly, and the Rolex Quartz was discontinued in 1972. In 1977, however, Rolex introduced the Oysterquartz, in both Datejust (Ref. 17000) and Day-Date (Ref. 19018). These models improved upon the Quartz Date in terms of a slimmer case design and enhanced accuracy. The Datejust was available in stainless steel (17000), stainless steel and white gold (17014), or stainless steel and yellow gold (17013). The Day-Date came in yellow gold (19018) or white gold (19019) only. Rolex stopped producing quartz watches in 2001, and the last of the models sold out in 2003. The Oysterquartz watch is now highly valued on the collectors’ market.