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Vintage Breitling Watches

There’s a vintage Breitling watch perfect for every adventurer, whether your realm is the sea, mountains, air, or land. Established by Leon Breitling in Switzerland in 1884, every vintage Breitling watch was crafted for precision, durability, and functionality. Today, Breitling watches have taken their place among the international greats of timekeeping accessories.

Established as a trusted brand of watches for World War I pilots in 1915, Breitling men’s watches quickly became the standard for members of both the United States Army and the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force. When the company helped forge the groundbreaking invention of the self-winding watch, Breitling solidified its place as a watch brand that would go down in history.

With such a rich heritage and the reputation of a groundbreaking watch manufacturer, it’s no surprise vintage Breitling watches for men are highly sought-after by collectors and history lovers alike.

Despite all the years that have passed, vintage Breitling watches still maintain their durability and class, making for the perfect gift for you or someone else interested in watch collecting.

One of the most popular models created by the company is the 1950s Breitling Classic Manual Wind GP, complete with a black dial and gold accents. Although more recent models of the Breitling Classic have been launched, the 1950s model offers an undeniable sense of gentlemanly class and sophistication that combines matchless creativity and craftsmanship into a fine piece suitable for even the most astute collector.

For a piece with a little more flair, the stunning Breitling Geneve 18k Gold Filled watch, also manufactured in the 1950s, is an excellent choice. Its gleaming gold border and minimalistic watch face lend it a sense of modernism despite its vintage status. Finished with a genuine leather strap, this is the ultimate statement of class and old-fashioned chivalry.

Each vintage Breitling watch in our collection comes with a long history of innovation and cutting-edge technology that changed the world of chronographs and their various mediums forever.

Whether you’re an established collector or merely looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, there’s no better way to celebrate vintage timepieces than with a vintage Breitling watch.