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Emerging from a rich and often blurry history, coin watches hold a special place in every avid watch collector’s heart. Although the coin watch likely has its roots in the late 1800s, the first coin watches to garner worldwide attention were created by Cartier in 1929. 

True to their name, coin watches feature the face of a real coin on their case backs. Originally, coin watches offered their creators a canvas on which to create a much smaller, compact watch design that became particularly popular in the 1950s. In some cases, a coin watch may even have a coin as its watch face. However coins are incorporated into the watch design, these truly vintage pieces often draw a lot of attention and desirability from collectors looking to expand their range and acquire more unique pieces. 

Today, one of the most sought-after pieces is the Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Watch. Although various editions of this coin watch exist, each shares the similarity of having a Morgan Silver Dollar as its watch face. Created using a genuine 1881 or later Morgan Silver Dollar coin, the watch offers a unique appeal. The delicate craftsmanship of the watch face and the stunning design of the watch makes it a prize among collectors and watch lovers alike. 

However, these are far from the only coin watches available for the avid watch lover. From watches punctuated by the detailing of stunning gold coins to watches crafted with as ingenious materials as a simple nickel, there’s no limit to the variety and range coin watches offer their buyers. 

Thanks to their intricate, exclusive design, often using coins made of precious metals like gold, coin watches have become statement pieces worn by collectors, fashion lovers, and watch aficionados alike. This elevated status is also partly due to the fact that very few coin watch brands were mass-produced, making them rarer than many of the other pieces crafted around that time. 

Whether you enjoy the hint of whimsy, elegance, or detail offered by a coin watch, finding the perfect choice to match your style, personality, and collection is crucial. Browse our range of coin watches to find your next favorite.