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Vintage Omega Watches for Sale

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Vintage Omega Watch

Classic, unassuming, and stylish, vintage Omega watches make the perfect addition to any timepiece connoisseur’s personal collection. Founded in 1848, the first of what would become Omega’s brand workshop was started by Louis Brandt, a young watchmaking protege obsessed with creating the most accurate watches possible. For decades, Omega remained a family business revolutionizing the time-keeping industry by inventing the world’s first minute-repeating wristwatch.

The vintage Omega men’s watches available today are built on that original design to become the centerpieces of the watchmaking industry. In 1900, Omega received the greatest honor and award ever bestowed on a watchmaking brand in the form of the Universal Exposition in Paris’ Grand Prize.

The innovation didn’t stop there. Omega soon set its sights on the sport timekeeping sector, and vintage Omega watches quickly became a staple at European sporting events, thanks to their superior accuracy.

Building on the quartz revolution, Omega watches only became more accurate. Vintage Omega watches were so highly trusted that the Omega Speedmaster was taken on the last mission to the moon in 1972 and was named the most accurate wristwatch ever in 1974.

Today, owning a vintage Omega men’s watch means owning a piece of history. Whether you choose a vintage Omega solid gold watch for its timeless elegance and luxury or an Omega Deville for its boundary-pushing design and minimalism, we have vintage Omega watches for sale to suit every personality and style.

Other sought-after vintage Omega watches include the Omega Constellation, first produced in the 1950s, and featuring raised dials much like those in certain Rolex models. The Omega Constellation solid gold half-bar variation takes the elegance of the Omega Constellation and combines it with the sheer opulence of a solid gold finish.

Alternatively, the leather wristband on the Omega Seamaster accompanied by its gold-bordered watch face is perfect for those who want to enjoy the luxury of the brand while maintaining a more toned-down appearance.

As one of the most storied and respected watch brands in history, owning an Omega puts you among the world’s connoisseurs, its most avid collectors, and its most discerning shoppers.