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Vintage Tudor Watches

Vintage Tudor Watches

Best known for being the sister company of the world-famous Rolex watch brand, vintage Tudor watches are often overlooked by new collectors, and criminally so. Despite its often overshadowing sibling brand, vintage Rolex Tudor watches have a similarly undeniable class and opulence to them that makes them a vital addition to any knowledgeable watch lover’s collection.

Originally created by Hans Wilsdorf to be a more affordable alternative to Rolex, vintage Tudor watches have become a status and style symbol in their own right thanks to their stunning design and innovative timekeeping technology. Officially relaunched in 2009, vintage Tudor watches have finally come into their own and drawn attention on the international vintage watch collection stage.

Today vintage Tudor watches are highly sought-after while modern Tudor watches are finally a completely distinct creation from their Rolex counterparts. Known for their understated watch faces, clean lines, and bright colors, vintage Rolex Tudor watches are unique and perfect to complete a collection of the most iconic watches of modern history.

With the first vintage Rolex Tudor watches released in 1947, using the formerly Rolex-exclusive “Oyster” name, the following vintage Tudor watches often shared names and similarities with their Rolex counterparts.

Known best for its vintage gold Tudor watches, the Tudor brand was all about metallic wristbands, gold finishes, and stunning watch faces. One of the most unique vintage Tudor watches is undoubtedly the Rolex Tudor Prince. Unusually fitted with a leather wristband and sporting the classic 18k solid gold bezel watch face, its appeal is in its understated appearance with a subtle touch of luxury and opulence.

Alternatively, for collectors who prefer a more minimalistic design, the Rolex Tudor Prince-Quartz Oysterdate is a timeless classic. Its simple, white watch face and clean lines make it perfect for everyday wear while still maintaining its undeniably showstopping elegance.

Whether your journey into vintage watch collection is only starting or you’re an experienced collector, the addition of a vintage Tudor watch will elevate not just your appreciation of vintage watches but also expand the reach of your collection to include pieces often overlooked by the more casual collector.