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Invicta Watches for Sale

Originating in the heart of Switzerland’s watch-making region in 1837, Invicta is a brand of luxury watches often overlooked by modern-day collectors and aficionados. Focused on exceptional design and manufacturing standards, Invicta watches are the perfect choice to suit all styles and tastes, with a range of stunning designs available for purchase.

Before the quartz revolution of the 1970s, Invicta men’s watches were complicated mechanical timepieces that attract vintage collectors to this day. However, the modern Invicta watch for men offers just as much appeal. Utilizing bold stainless steel wristbands and durable watch faces, Invicta watches are more than just an accessory. They’re trailblazers in an industry often hesitant to challenge the status quo.

Today, the brand behind Invicta watches is American owned and based out of Florida. Beyond being a beautiful addition to any watch collection, Invicta men’s watches offer elevated style at an affordable price.

Modeled after the exclusive Rolex Submariner, the Invicta Pro Diver’s eye-catching stainless steel wristband and industrial watch face make it a great choice for everyday wear. Alternatively, the Invicta Blue Dial watch, also based on the design of the Submariner, is a powerful statement piece that’s sure to catch attention everywhere you go.

For a more unassuming option, the Russian Diver Invicta watch for men combines stainless steel and silicon to become the epitome of functionality and class.

Despite widespread criticism, Invicta watches continue to be a staple among men and women who prefer a robust, naval timepiece produced by a company with centuries of experience and heritage in the industry.

In 1959, Invicta watches dominated the naval market so completely that the Soviet naval fleet commissioned the company to produce Invicta men’s watches solely for their use. Whether you choose to wear a modern-day Invicta watch for men or go in search of one of their antique mechanical timepieces, owning an Invicta watch means owning a piece of history. Not just of the watch industry itself, but of every aspect of style, fashion, and functionality in years gone by.