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Top-Quality, Carefully Curated Vintage Jewelry

In addition to our collections of beautiful vintage watches, Vintage Watch Outlet also specializes in curating vintage Navajo, Zuni, Mexican Southwest, and designer bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and rings.


Currently Seeking Bracelets Offering Vintage Beauty

Our clients want to buy vintage jewelry online that truly expresses their style. That’s why we’re always looking to add to our selection of vintage bracelets. Whether it’s stunning handmade sterling silver, always-gorgeous turquoise from Yazzie, or another rare find, we’re happy to examine your piece for inclusion.


We’ll Buy Your Truly Special Vintage Necklace

A beautiful necklace can be the only piece of jewelry a person wears, or one that forms the centerpiece of the other vintage items in their collection. Whichever way our clients choose to wear them, our vintage necklaces are always in demand.

Have a vintage necklace to sell? We buy only 100% genuine pieces; we simply will not settle for less! Send your vintage necklace to us for a professional assessment today.


Sell Your Vintage Pendant

When our clients want to make a big statement in a subtle way, they choose our vintage pendants. At Vintage Watch Outlet, we’re always looking for pieces that are true works of art. From Navajo hand-carved bison bone and polished turquoise to other special pieces, your vintage pendant could very well be our latest addition!


Add to Our Collection of Versatile Vintage Rings

We’re also very excited to accept beautiful vintage rings for sale. Sterling silver is just as beautiful a canvas for black onyx as it is for lapis lazuli or coral, so we’d love you to submit these for consideration.

We also accept vintage gold and gold-plated pieces that feature cubic zirconia, mother of pearl, red turquoise, and other semi-precious stones, and we encourage you to request an assessment.


Contact Us to Submit Your Pieces

At Vintage Watch Outlet, we’re always looking for jewelry pieces of the best quality and the highest standards to add to our collections. Looking to sell your special piece? We are excited to view it. Get in touch with us today!