Timex Marlin Vintage 1975 Made In Great Britain Manual Wind Mens Watch....35mm

Timex Marlin Vintage 1975 Made In Great Britain Manual Wind Mens Watch....35mm


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Remember your first Timex watch?
For many of us, it was the first watch we owned!
Back in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Timex, became an iconic American product.
As they used to say: “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”
Those robust movements and hard cases are still ticking away today!

I am a watch collector as well as a buyer and seller of new, pre-owned, antique, and vintage watches
I only sell genuine, authentic, watches in "Good" to "Pristine" condition

Recently there has been a lot of Timex's being sold as a Marlin model that are NOT a Marlin.

To avoid confusion I listed some easy ways to tell if a Timex is a Marlin Model or not and further below I listed some model names for model numbers:

1. No Marlins are "automatic" or "self wind" if it says "Automatic" or "Self Wind" it is NOT a Marlin, it is a different Timex model called "Viscount"

2. All Marlins say "waterproof" or "water resistant" if it does not say "waterproof" or "water resistant" it is NOT a Marlin it is most likely a "Mercury" or "Sprite" model.

3. All Marlin Models start with "2" if the number below the "6" or above the "12" (model number) starts with anything other than a "2" it is NOT a Marlin.

Below is a general breakdown of Men's model names per model number (Model number can be found below the "6" or above the "12" (in small print)

(1XXX = Mercury/Sprite) (2XXX = Marlin) (25XX = Sportster) (3XXX = Fun Timer) (4XXX = Viscount) (5XXX = Super Thin) (6XXX = 17 Jewel) (9XXX = Electric)


Brand: Timex

Model: Marlin

Year of Production: 1975

Reference #: 2606002475

Gender: Men or Women

Case Material: Gold Plated

Case Diameter: 35mm, not including crown

Crown: Winds and sets smoothly

Strap Material: New aftermarket black leather strap

Strap Specifications: Will fit a wrist up to 8"

Dial Color: Silver Sunburst (photos make the dial appear pale golden)

Dial Condition: Original signed clean dial

Winding Mechanism: Recently serviced movement runs strong and accurate

Crystal: Scratch free acrylic crystal

Box/Papers: No original box or papers ~ authenticity is guaranteed

Overall Condition: "minty" condition ~ signed clean dial ~ movement runs strong & accurate ~ crown winds & sets smoothly ~ scratch free crystal ~ all functions working properly ~ no gold wearing off anywhere ~ no damage ~ all of our watches have been tested and serviced if needed ~ "stunning"


This is a vintage used watch. It has lived a life before you, so you should not expect it to be new and flawless. If you want a flawless new watch, please do not buy this. If you want a piece of history in the form of a nice vintage piece, then this may be right for you

Please note that all pictures are taken on the macro setting. This makes even the slightest imperfections, shadows during photography, and specks of dust appear much more prominent even though they are often not visible without magnification

A careful shopper who takes the time to study the photos, reads the entire description, and asks pertinent questions is our best customer

You will be pleasantly surprised and receive many compliments when wearing your watch. There is nothing that draws attention quite like a stunning watch

All of our watches have been tested and serviced if needed. We time all watches for at least 48 hours prior to listing and 12 hours prior to shipment. If it doesn't maintain acceptable accuracy, or function properly, we won't ship it and the buyer will receive a refund

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As Always....."Buy the Seller".....is a Phrase That Applies To The Watch Industry Almost More Than Any Other

Our Business Values are Honesty, Quality, and Service


Vintage Watch Outlet is not an authorized dealer of any of the watch brands we carry. All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only. This allows us to sell luxury items at discounted prices. Vintage Watch Outlet is not affiliated with any website that sells Fake or Replica items. All of our wristwatches are genuine and authentic. Because most vintage watches being offered are between 30-70 years old, small imperfections, scratches, and wear are to be expected

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It is my hope that all of our items will go to people who will enjoy and appreciate them. We will gladly accept a return, or take care of a problem, if we make a gross error in the description. If we have made no gross errors, it is a final sale. This is merely due to the items being antiques, vintage, or pre-owned.
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The Timex Marlin Vintage 1975 Made In Great Britain Manual Wind Mens Watch....35mm is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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