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More Interesting Wristwatch Trivia

July 15 2017

I love to spot watches on most everyone, and it is particularly gratifying to know what timepiece public figures wear. I can't take credit for spotting Vice President Joe Biden's timepiece, though reports suggest that he is an Omega fan and wears a Seamaster watch.

While not the most interesting of watches - or even Omega's finest for that matter - the Seamaster 300m seen on Biden is a classic, having been around as long as I can remember. This Omega watch was probably in at least one modern James Bond film, as the Seamaster line has been Omega's choice for 007. Being a diver's watch by nature, the timepiece's 300 meter water resistance and bright luminant covered hands make them perfect for underwater exploration and visibility. Also standard on this watch is a helium escape valve (the upper left crown), which is meant to preserve the watch while spending time in a diver's decompression chamber. Something Mr. Biden (like most people) probably does with great frequency (no, not really).

Biden's version of the Seamaster contains a quartz movement, but automatic mechanical versions are available. This choice of watch probably does not signify that the Vice President is a major watch lover, though he probably does have some penchant for nice things. The retail price today of this quartz Omega Seamaster 300m watch is roughly $3,000.