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We do not buy or give appraisals from individuals unless we can actually put the watch in our hands. We do not buy, or give appraisals, from photos or descriptions. We only buy from known, trusted, and reputable sources. We do not deal in pocket watches. 

If you want to sell us a watch, a photo will do no good. Just ship the watch to us with a note of how much you are asking for it. We will either buy it, make a counter offer, or send it back. Yup, this requires some trust on your part, but we did not build our business on theft or dishonesty. If we determine the watch is genuine and in a condition that is acceptable to us, we may make an offer based on what we would expect to pay for similar watches purchased from our wholesale suppliers. We will not pay retail for the watch. If you send it, the address is as follows:


The Vintage Outlet

C/O Vincent Palazzolo

30667 Cedars Dr

Warren, Mi. 48093