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All of our watches are eligible for the Vintage Watch Outlet Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee. 

Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee allows you to receive full value of what you paid for your timepiece towards the purchase price of another timepiece.

The price of the new purchase must be at least 35% greater than the cost of your trade-in timepiece.

The watch must be returned without any damage or modifications. If the watch has been damaged or modified, the amount of the trade-up value may be less than what you paid.

The Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee is not a buy-back program, it is a trade-up program. It applies only to timepieces that were purchased from Vintage Watch Outlet. Watches not purchased from Vintage Watch Outlet are not eligible for the Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee. The Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee is non-transferable.

NOTE: We do not provide credit for any additional links, bracelet, strap, or clasp upgrades. We do not provide credit for any shipping, taxes, service, or repair costs.