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Some Interesting Facts About Watches

July 15 2017

Some Interesting Facts About Watches:

1. In the James Bond movies Sean Connery wears a Rolex Submariner while Daniel Craig wears an Omega watch. In the Bourne Ultimatum, Matt Damon wears a TAG Heuer watch.

2. The Omega Speedmaster was a favorite accessory in space! NASA astronauts wore the watch on their mission to the Moon (7 Apollo astronauts), and both American and Russian astronauts wore it for the first craft meeting of Apollo-Soyuz.

3. Modern wristwatches, didn’t become popular and used by men until during the First World War. For the first time in history, men (soldiers) wore watches around their wrists which allowed them more freedom of movement.

4. Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997) is credited with part of the success of Rolex Submariner watches via bringing them to the attention of mass audiences in a 1954 documentary ‘The Silent World’. In the film he is seen wearing a Rolex Submariner, the first precision wristwatch developed for use undersea.

5. A yacht timer, Rolex Yacht-Master ll, (also referred to as sailing watches) is a watch specially designed for sailing races. This watch features a 10-minute countdown to be used for preparing for the start of a yacht race. Some yacht timers offer a different color for the 10-minute countdown and the final five-minute countdown.

6. Watches, when displayed in shops, or print ads, are often pre-set to show the time at ten minutes past ten o’clock or sometimes ten minutes to two o’clock (“Happy Time”). When displayed at that time the hands on the watch face resemble a smiley face. This helps to subconsciously raise the customer’s mood, which subliminally encourages them to make a purchase.