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Why nobody needs a fine watch but every gentleman should own at least one

October 17 2018

Being a watch enthusiast, I often glance at peoples wrist to glimpse what timepiece he is wearing. This varies, from ultra-modern digital Casio G-SHOCK’s to vintage Omega and Longines. But then there are those who choose to wear nothing at all, which always puzzles me… Why aren’t they wearing a watch? Did they forget to put one on today? Are they just not bothered about knowing the time? Maybe they think it is old fashioned to wear one? There could be endless reasons as to why they’re not wearing one but the biggest reason that will probably be true for most, is that modern technology has taken over and the age of the Smartphone incorporates so much more than just a device that tells the time. In this day and age should man still be wearing a watch and if so should they indulge in buying a fine luxury timepiece, or would it just make sense to have a cheap – easily serviceable – digital watch, which only requires a battery change every now and then?

As old fashioned as it may sound I am a true believer, that at some point in your life you should own at least one fine wristwatch, even if you are not a watch enthusiast. You see, purchasing a fine mechanical timepiece is an expression of ones character and a sound investment that you could wear for decades to come and even more so, an heirloom for your children and grandchildren to wear. Though it is very true that purchasing a mechanical timepiece nowadays is probably quite difficult and isn’t something you should approach with reckless abandon, I actually think it is a lot easier if you stick to certain rules. When first choosing a brand look for one that has history, most mechanical watch brands have been around for decades. Research the brand you are considering purchasing from but even better if you have a particular timepiece in-mind then research it's origins. However, I think the most important of all; invest in a mechanical timepiece that personally resonates with you, after all you’ve got to live with it for years to come.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony

We live in such a time where our lives move so fast and fine timepieces are the antithesis of our fast-moving consumer way of living. It allows us to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life. In today’s modern world we’ve become impatient and require instant return or gratification, which is where technology comes into play. However, such gadgets can get in the way of what is very human about us. Think of it like this; if you buy a mechanical timepiece, without you it will cease to operate, as it will either require you to manually-wind it up every now and then or require you to wear it to keep going, so in essence you give life to that watch.

But what I still find fascinating about mechanical watches; even when you’ve got a smartphone that comes equipped with all the bells and whistles, it will inevitably need charging and this may not always be possible but with a mechanical timepiece wrapped around your wrist – you’ll never have this problem.