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Benrus Vintage Watches

Determined to make their mark on what would become New York’s Roaring 20s, three Romanian brothers founded the Benrus Watch Company. Initially run as a watch repair shop starting in 1921, the brothers quickly expanded their business into producing spectacular Art Deco watches that would establish Benrus Watches’ vintage status for decades to come.

Within less than a decade of watch design and production, a Benrus vintage watch was worn by one of the greatest baseball players in history, Babe Ruth, and the status of Benrus watches as vintage statement pieces were sealed forever.

Often adorned with gold elements and decorative watch faces, the Benrus watch’s vintage background is undeniable as the company often steered clear of the minimalism and industrial feel championed by its competitors. However, by the 1940s, Benrus watches were thrown onto the international stage as a possible alternative for pilots in search of highly accurate timekeeping pieces and, suddenly, a new world of design and functionality opened up to the company.

With its new functional design, Benrus watches became increasingly popular. In 1963, the Democratic National Convention gave President John F. Kennedy a custom Benrus watch that became part of his prized collection. With this win, Benrus entered a new tier of desirability among watch collectors.

As one of the more affordable, yet highly regarded, watchmakers of the 20th century, Benrus vintage watches make for the perfect addition to a beginner’s watch collection, or as a unique gift for a watch lover or vintage fashion aficionado.

Known for its simplistic design, clean lines, and durability, the Benrus Automatic Stainless Steel Silver Sunburst men’s vintage watch is one of our favorites from the Benrus vintage collection. Its genuine black leather strap and clean, silver dial makes it a stunning everyday piece that’s sure to garner admiration from others in the know.

Although Benrus gained widespread popularity, the company ultimately followed the fate of many other watch companies affected by the Quartz Crisis of the 1970s. Eventually, Benrus filed for bankruptcy in 1977, only to reemerge thanks to a merger with another watch company that managed to keep the history and heritage of this storied watchmaking business alive to this day.