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Vintage Bulova Watches

bulova vintage watches

Innovative in more ways than one, vintage Bulova watches have been at the cutting edge of watch design and development since the company was founded in 1875. Started by Joseph Bulova, vintage Bulova men’s watches were originally made in New York, where its creators went on to invent several modern watchmaking tools.

The Accutron vintage Bulova Swiss watch quickly became known for using resonating tuning forks and for being the first fully electronic watch. It was also known for being the most accurate watch of its time, staying within an accuracy range of just two seconds per day. Vintage Bulova watches are synonymous with the history and development of modern watches, with the Accutron being the first new timekeeping technology to be designed in over 300 years.

More recently, Bulova was acquired by Citizen Watch Co. but has retained all its unique flair and timeless design. Worn by celebrities, sportspeople, and everyday watch lovers alike, vintage Bulova men’s watches are the epitome of luxury.

Made using imported Swiss movements and parts, the watches are still classified as vintage Bulova Swiss watches despite being made and headquartered in New York.

Debuted in 1960, the Accutron is one of the most celebrated vintage Bulova watches. With an open watch face and an industrial design theme, the Accutron is the perfect addition to any collector or watch lover’s vintage watch arsenal.

Alternatively, for those who prefer an older, more distinctly vintage Bulova men’s watch, the All Original 1958 Jewel Movement men’s watch is a stunning timepiece with brilliant gold accents and a timeless, elegant design.

For a more moody, dark aesthetic, the Bulova Super Seville men’s watch is a brooding, elegant timepiece perfect to accompany formal attire or make a unique addition to a collection of stunning vintage Bulova watches.

And should a more understated watch is preferred, don’t overlook the beautiful Bulova Art Deco Filigree men’s watch. With gold digits and silver finishes with a leather band, it’s a one-of-a-kind timepiece perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

No matter your taste or the occasion, a vintage Bulova men’s watch will make a priceless addition to any watch lover’s collection.